About Us

Mike Morgan, Owner & Operator, Fusion Fabrication, 6545 E. County Rd. #14, Loveland Colorado 80537 970-690-6856Mike Morgan, Owner & Operator

Qualifications and Certifications

  • 22+ years experience as a welder
  • College Level Welding Professor, Front Range Community College

Welding Certifications

  • Welder: TIG, MIG, FCAW, SMAW
  • Additional Welding Certifications:
  • AWS.D17.1 qualified to a B2.1 procedure
  • AWS.D1.1 steel, stainless and aluminum
  • AWS.D2.1 steel, stainless and aluminum
  • Multiple ASME code pipe qualifications

More about Mike

Mike Morgan is a perfectionist at heart. His guiding philosophy in business is simple: “Good is never good enough.”

Morgan truly enjoys welding, creating with his hands. He Mike Morgan, owner & operator Fusion Fabrication, 6545 E. County Rd. #14, Loveland, Coloradorelishes a challenge and is willing to take on jobs others won’t touch and believes there is not much made out of metal he has not or cannot fabricate.

As for being an entrepreneur, he laughs, “God has not so subtly placed me at the helm of this business. I am confident I am where He wants me to be, and strive to become - as husband, father and businessman - the person God intends me to be.”

A native Coloradan, he takes full advantage of the outdoors and is a lover of extreme sports, especially snowboarding, wake-boarding, motor-cross and mountain biking. Mike and his family love to camp, 4-wheel, hunt, fly fish and shoot - in any combination! Family pets include Rigley (an 8-year old bulldog), Mac (a 6-year old chihuahua) and Kimber (1- year old) the Mike Morgan's motorcycle on Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park Coloradokiller cat.

Mike’s direction is clear, “I am a man who relies heavily on my God. I work as hard as I do to glorify Him. He is the One who leads my life - and this business.”



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