Mike Morgan, Owner, Fusion Fabrication, 6545 E. County Road #14, Loveland, Colorado 80537, Call 970-690-6856

Your future is our business!

We fabricate nearly anything.

From small jobs to large, home railings, commercial outdoor patios and large vacuum chambers - we will discuss your project with you, go over design details and decide on the best way to fill your needs.

We strive to deliver on time, on spec and on budget.

  • On Site
    • TIG, MIG, Stick & Plasma Cutting Services
    • Sanitary TIG Welding

  • In Shop
    • TIG - stainless, aluminum, titanium, carbon, brass, bronze, copper
    • MIG - carbon, stainless, aluminum, flux-core
    • SMAW - carbon, stainless
    • Plasma Cutting Services
    • Metal forming
    • Precision fabrication

We serve breweries, contractors, homeowners, restaurants, municipalities, schools, colleges and universities, and anyone else who wants anything welded or fabricated.

Call 970-690-6856 to discuss your project and get a quote from us.

You can be certain ... if it's made of metal, we can fabricate it!

Fusion Fabrication  2508 Zurich Drive - Unit #2  Fort Collins, CO 80524 970-690-6856